Guatemala — Pacific Fins Resort

March 24-29, 2022

Limited to 8 anglers – 3 spots left!

$4,225 all-inclusive


We’ve caught Pacific sailfish in many locations, from Mexico to Ecuador, and nowhere, we mean nowhere, compares to the fishery in the waters off Guatemala. It’s been given the moniker of “the sailfish capital of the world,” and that isn’t an exaggeration. There are certainly slow days from time to time, but you can expect to raise more sailfish here than anywhere else. With the right captains—of which Pacific Fins has some of the very best—you can also expect to hook more, and land more than you ever thought possible.

But the unbelievable fishing for sailfish, marlin, mahi-mahi, tuna and roosterfish is just part of the experience. We’ll start the trip off with a night in Guatemala City, where we’ll get the group together and enjoy some cocktails and a great meal. Accommodations are at the world-class Intercontinental Hotel, located in an upscale part of the capital city. The next day includes a 2-hour drive through the mountains toward the coast, where we’ll stop along the way for lunch in the historic Spanish city of Antigua, situated in the central highlands of the country, and surrounded by steep volcanoes, one of which is currently active. The small city is renowned for its well-preserved colonial buildings, and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. We consider a stop here to be a must-do for everyone traveling through the region. It’s also a great place to shop for authentic Guatemalan gifts for the loved ones you thoughtlessly left at home.

When we arrive at Pacific Fins Resort, you’ll be greeted by Joel, the lodge manager, and his friendly staff, waiting for you with frosty cocktails and wide smiles. Your comfortable villa will have already been prepared for you, and the rest of the day will be spent eating, drinking and relaxing at the pool. Get a good night’s sleep because your boat leaves the dock at 7:00 AM for a long day of fishing that you will never forget.

We’ll be fishing these pristine waters for three days from the lodge’s fleet of “Performance Package” offshore boats. Each boat will comfortably accommodate three anglers, and with the nonstop action that Guatemala is known for, everyone will have plenty of action. In fact, it’s not uncommon for two anglers to be hooked up at the same time!

The combination of great fishing, great lodging, and amazing cuisine will make this a vacation that you’ll never forget. The trip is hosted by Fly Fish America editor, Crispin Battles. Following the trip, we’ll produce a feature article about the adventure, and our guests will be a central part of the story.

The package price is all-inclusive except for airfare to/from Guatemala City, and tips for the boat crews and resort staff. You’ll have a private room at the Intercontinental Hotel, and then double occupancy in villas at Pacific Fins Resort. For complete trip details, or to reserve your spot, email us at [email protected]