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Win one of eight pairs of Tonic Eyewear polarized sunglasses!

Eight lucky readers will win a pair of premium polarized sunglasses from Tonic Eyewear. Tonic is a leading outdoor brand in Australia, and making their way stateside this year—and Fly Fish America has some of the first pairs in the country. Each is valued at $239, and we’ll be giving away two pair per month starting March 15th.

The standout feature of Tonic Eyewear’s sunglass line is undoubtedly their SliceLens technology. As the only fishing sunglass company utilizing Japanese Crystalite Glass, the SliceLenses provide unparalleled clarity. Plus, at just 1.7mm thick, these lenses are comparably lighter than any other glass lenses on the market.

All Tonic glass lenses are decentred, which is critically important for viewing precise depth and true distance. This process eliminates the “prism effect” that most glass lenses create, allowing for totally distortion-free vision. In addition, SliceLenses have an anti-reflective coating applied to the back surface to reduce reflective glare, also referred to as “bounce back” to the pupils. We’ve found this anti-reflective coating to be extremely important when sight fishing.

All Tonic glass lenses are polarized, and come in seven different color configurations. We greatly prefer the two types of copper lenses for spotting fish, so our eight pairs are outfitted accordingly. Six pairs sport the photochromic copper lenses, which darken and lighten to adjust to the prevailing conditions. The other two pairs have light copper “neon” lenses which brighten things up like a neon light, and have a very broad light spectrum—they’re the perfect fish-finding lenses.

Tonic frames are made from optical-grade TR90, a durable, flexible and lightweight thermoplastic, and are shaped to optimize the blockage of sunlight at all angles. All non-TR90 components are nickel or stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Tonic currently offers fourteen different frame styles—we’ve chosen four of our favorites for you.

Enter our contest today and you’ll be in the running for all eight prize drawings. For more information on Tonic Eyewear, visit their website at


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